Inglewood’s newest book store, “The Salt Eaters”, opens its doors


The wait is over in downtown Inglewood as the highly-anticipated bookshop, The Salt Eaters, is officially open for business. The December 19 opening weekend was a refreshing success filled with community support, just as expected. The company’s GoFundMe page brought in an impressive $65,000 at the beginning of its founding story, when owner Asha Grant proposed the idea via social media.

“There aren’t enough words to describe how blissful this opening weekend was with you all. It was so incredible meeting so many of you who donated to help make the dream a reality and have been following us and rooting us on from the jump,” said Grant on the company Instagram page.

Asha Grant, an Inglewood native and Spelman College alumna embarked on her journey to open The Salt Eaters in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Los Angeles residents, and supporters from all over the country, donated to The Salt Eaters Bookshop GoFundMe page which helped Grant secure funding for the Inglewood location.

The Salt Eaters Bookshop is located near the corner of South Market Street and East Queen Street.


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