Nonprofit ‘AbilityFirst’ finds alliance in construction company, ‘Maintco Corporation’, as preparation for facility reopening is underway

From left, Oscar Franco (Director of Safety, Ability First), Lew Rinker (Staff Member, Maintco Corp.), Alan Radojcic (VP of Operations, Maintco Corp.), April Stover (Senior Director of Programs, AbilityFirst), Raul Vasquez (Staff Member, Maintco Corp.), Inna Tuler (CEO, Maintco Corp.), Lori Gangemi (President & CEO, AbilityFirst), Jae Lim (Center Director, AbilityFirst). Brea Mitchell/Photo

As nonprofit organization, AbilityFirst, prepares to reopen its Inglewood ‘Joan & Harry A. Mier Center’ doors for the first time since March of 2020, Los Angeles-based general construction company, Maintco Corporation, has stepped up to help provide a pandemic-safe environment for the organization and its attendees.

With multiple locations throughout Southern California, AbilityFirst has been providing services and programs to children and adults with disabilities for many decades. Programs include technology and computer skills, exercise and physical activities, self-advocacy, communication skills, and more. 

Ironically, in 1926, AbilityFirst– although originally a different name– was launched in an effort to help children in the United States who were affected by the polio epidemic, pre-vaccine. Its founders, a group of Southern California businessmen, were fierce advocates for disability rights.

Today, the nonprofit organization sharpens skills and cultivates a welcoming, educational community for children and adults with disabilities, always with the mission of helping each individual achieve their personal best and reach their full potential, which leads to a life of fulfillment and happiness. For those who enter into the doors of AbilityFirst, guidance and assistance with social connections, employment preparations, and overall mentorship can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to transitioning into adult life.

Maintco Corporation CEO Inna Tuler connected with leaders of AbilityFirst recently amongst a networking group. As the topic arose of the nonprofit organization preparing to reopen its facilities, Tuler offered assistance. Arrangements were then made for the Maintco Corporation team to install COVID-safety precautionary measures throughout the multiple AbilityFirst campuses, helping to ensure a safe reopening and giving AbilityFirst students and families the peace of mind that we are all seeking as we return to our regular-life routines post-vaccination.

As we navigate our new normal– corporations, businesses, and community organizations teaming up and serving one another will be instrumental in reimplementing our local programs and facilities back to our daily lives.


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