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Recent Financial Audit; “Maliciously Motivated”

At the beginning of the meeting, Treasurer Brown stepped to the microphone during the public comments and cited a recent financial audit pointing out several irregularities. Mayor Butts immediately addressed the audit’s individual, negative assertions by indicating that they were either false or otherwise beyond the scope of a normal financial audit.

The council adopted a resolution ratifying several appointments to the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB) and approved a cooperative agreement to purchase Cement and another with Enterprise Fleet Management. (General Fund)

The council approved invoices submitted by B & H Inglewood Tow, Inc. (B & H Tow) for services rendered on January 24, 2012 and from September 22, 2018 through March 31, 2020.

The council pulled from the agenda the staff report recommending the award of a contract and approve a one-year agreement (with the option to extend four (4) additional one-year terms) with Ride Co, Inc., to assist with the operation of a pilot shuttle service, per RFP-0142.

The council approved a funding adjustment for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Phase V to reflect the required split ratio of 80% funding from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and 20% funding for the City’s local return.

The council set a public hearing to consider the Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center Project – Certification of the Project Environmental Impact Report No. EA-EIR 2020-045, General Plan Amendment No. 2020-003, Specific Plan Amendment No. 2020-001, Zoning Code Amendment No. 2020-002, Zone Change No. 2020-001, Ordinance Amending Inglewood Municipal Code Chapters 2 (Administration), 3 (Motor Vehicles and Traffic), 5 (Offenses, Miscellaneous), 10 (Public Works), and 11 (Building Regulations); and Sports and Entertainment Complex Design Guidelines and Infrastructure Plan (SEC Development Guidelines), and Development Agreement between Murphy’s Bowl LLC and the City, for July 21st.

There were no public comments however Council Member Dotson urged everyone to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines to stop the spread of the disease.

Member Padilla expressed his regret that the City Treasurer continues to repeat unfavorable and untrue statements about the city’s fiscal condition and that she walks out of the meeting before listening to the truth.

Member Franklin echoed Padilla’s remarks and added that the city council salaries have been in place since 2003 and have not been adjusted, despite the treasurer’s assertions. He also indicated that in years past, the treasurer did not have a microphone during the council meetings.

Member Morales reminded everyone that there is an established process to address concerns or complaints outside of the city council chambers.

Mayor Butts invited the Assistant Finance Director to the microphone to address the scope of the recent financial audit, the timing of their investigation and the delay in presenting a written report. It was made clear that many of the audit findings were not financial in nature but were subjective and opinion based. Mayor Butts indicated that the audit findings were an extreme reach and maliciously motivated and should not be parroted by the city treasurer.


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