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Safety Remains Top Priority at SoFi Stadium Site

Turner Hunt Statement:

“[Today] we were advised of a trade worker who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. First and most importantly the worker is doing well, receiving care, and recovering. The worker has not been on the jobsite since Friday March 20th.

The safety of the people on site and in our community remains our top priority.

The worker was located in an isolated, material pre-assembly area outside the building. The individual had not at any time entered the building or used any of its common areas.

All equipment that may have been used by the worker is being disinfected. THJV is also contacting all equipment rental companies to disinfect all equipment, as a general precaution.

The assembled materials the worker was in contact with are now located on the roof and are in compliance with CDC timeframes, meaning the period of time suggested the virus can maintain on a surface has passed.

Due to our protocols and the nature of the worker’s assignment, those who may have been exposed are minimal. Those in “close contact” are in self-quarantine, while those in “casual contact” are self-monitoring. This is all in accordance with LA County Department of Health Services and CDC Guidelines. The quarantine/monitor period will extent until April 3rd.

Project protocols strictly enforce social distancing. This includes limiting access to the personnel hoist, no group gatherings over 10 people and those must maintain six foot separation, and certain tasks that require close contact are suspended or re-sequenced.

The project has increased the amount toilet facilities and wash stations throughout site and have activated permanent toilets inside the building. Each one has hand washing station and sanitizer. We have full-time monitors in place to ensure they are clean, operational and stocked. Posted throughout the site are proper methods of maintaining hygiene.

Field offices are cleaned daily with sanitizers and fully deep sanitized each weekend. All protocols are followed for personnel stationed in those office.

We are fully transparent in our communications with everyone; trades and supervision. This includes any potential or confirmed exposures, daily updates on best practices, government guidelines, directives and listening to and addressing any concerns workers have.”


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