Councilwoman Faulk Leads Inglewood Clean-up


IT News Wire

Inglewood City Councilwoman Dionne Faulk recently joined a collaborative venture to remove abandoned trash and debris at the off ramp of the 105 Freeway.

The event took place on March 19 and Dionne Faulk was joined by the Inglewood Department of Public Works, Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. , the Inglewood Police Department, Caltrans and St. Margaret’s Center to execute the cleanup of the 105 freeway off ramp at 113th Street (adjacent to District 4).

The cleanup started at 6:30 a.m. and was completed by 3p.m. This action served three community purposes: 1) To remove abandoned trash and debris in and around the bushes abutting the 105 freeway off ramp thereby eliminating potential traffic safety hazards on the off ramp; 2) Increased sanitation by the removal of garbage and bio-hazards; and 3) Reduced the visual blight generated by the debris.

St. Margaret’s Center client resource coordinator and the Inglewood Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Coordinator Cinder Eller were on site and worked with the unhoused residents near the cleanup site to provide crisis/emergency intervention.  This included providing lists of available shelter and COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites brochures.  COVID-19 personal protective equipment was provided.  St. Margaret’s Center flyers were distributed along with food, water, socks, hygiene kits, and blankets. Attached are the before and after pictures of the cleanup efforts at the 105 freeway off ramp.


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