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COVID-19 Cases Rise Inglewood deaths climb to 65

As the City of Inglewood gleefully awaits the opening of the National Football League (NFL) season with both the Rams and Chargers making their home season debut at the $6 billion SoFi Stadium on Prairie and Century, COVID-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate and deaths of local residents has jumped to 65.

Inglewood remains under a state of emergency until Aug. 30 and COVID-19 testing is still fluid at the Forum, but if the current trends continue there is a very likely possibility the County of Los Angeles will issue governor mandate stay at home order.

COVID-19 has been altering the lives of Californians for more than four months now and just as it seemed empty stadiums occupying NFL teams emerged, so too did coronavirus as citizens became delinquent in implementing the required safety measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing that would prevent the disease from spreading.

L.A. County had recorded 121,000 cases and 3,579 deaths at press time.  Of those 3232 were Black, 32,574 were Hispanic/Latino, but the more frightening number is individuals in the ages of 0-17 and 18-40. The deaths of Blacks and Hispanic/Latino stood at 369 and 1,471.

The County of Los Angeles Public Health registered 8,647 cases among the 0-17 age group and an even more astonishing 49,445 among individuals 18-40 countywide. The latter being higher than the most vulnerable age group of 41-65.

Those were reportedly the two age categories that were least likely to be affected by the virus.

The death total for Inglewood ranks only behind Westlake (106) Glendale (112) and Los Angeles (1,727) among all cities in the county.

In comparison to Inglewood COVID-19 related deaths, Carson and Gardena had 31, Compton 25, Hawthorne 23 and Lawndale 7.

The rise in COVID-19 cases has directly impacted local business, with bars closed and restaurants limited to walk up and curbside delivery. Fines are now being leveled against Californians not wearing a mask in public places.

Professional sports leagues are cautiously moving forward with resuming play; Major League Baseball is slated for a compacted 60 games regular season; The NBA targeted Orlando in a tournament style format to determine the champion, boxing and UFC is staging events without spectators.

Scientist are provided the data, local governments are implementing the regulations, the federal government is a mess and it appears that slowing the rise of COVID-19 will rest in the hands of those most likely affected. YOU!


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