D-1 Councilmember Gloria Gray Townhall provides information 

District 1 Council Member Gloria Gray at her first Townhall Meeting ( Photo by Francis Taylor)

By Francis Taylor, Executive Editor

On June 1, District One, Inglewood City Councilmember Gloria Gray hosted her first town hall meeting at the Inglewood Senior Citizen Center, which Mayor James T. Butts described as the best Senior Citizen Center in the State of California, and arguably one of the best in the nation. The center’s community room was filled with over 200 city staff members, department heads and of course, District 1 residents.

After Member Gray thanked her district members for supporting her candidacy and vowed to listen and respond to their needs and represent them with vigor, she introduced the special guests including her council colleagues, the mayor, Senator Steven Bradford, who invited everyone to a Home Ownership Event on June 16, 2023, and a bevy of staff members from the City of Inglewood.

The format of the townhall meeting was a tried formula that provides an excellent opportunity for citizens to get up to speed on important policies and programs that are underway in the city, with staff presentations and open-forum questions and on the spot answers.

The Inglewood Senior Center Community Room was packed at Council Member Gray’s Town Hall Meeting (picture by Francis Taylor)

For example, Inglewood Police Department (IPD), Lieutenant Nicole Loudermilk, introduced the police officers who work exclusively in District 1. She also provided the direct IPD dispatch telephone number for anyone needing immediate police support, explaining that a call to 911 is routed through the county alert system and could cause a delayed response. The dispatch number is 310-412-8771. She also provided her direct telephone number (310-412-5206) if a D-1 resident needs to speak directly to her. In addition, she provided the number for Cinder Eller, the IPD representative who can respond to any matters pertaining to the homeless members of the community.

A presentation was made by a representative from the Housing Department who provided information to tenants and landlords about current eviction procedures following the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is important to know that landlords can issue Three-Day-Notices to pay delinquent rent for April, May and June, 2023, and may proceed with eviction proceedings if the tenant does not pay within three days.

A representative from the Public Works Department provided a comprehensive overview of the recently completed projects in the City of Inglewood, those currently underway and those proposed and approved for the future. From street and sidewalk improvement projects to environmental and general services projects, the city is breaking all previous records in completing projects that contribute to the quality of life for Inglewood’s residents.

Council Member Gray’s first Town Hall Meeting was a huge success in terms of both the quality and quantity of information. She vowed to conduct regular meetings with her constituents to ensure that their voices are heard and that she truly stands and speaks out on behalf of the members of District 1.



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