Inglewood to allow fireworks display

Fireworks at night over dark blue sky

Fireworks in the City of Inglewood may be displayed on the 4th of July only between 5PM and 10PM. The mayor and city council members encourage everyone to be safe with the use of SAFE and SANE fireworks only and to confine all celebrations to private property.

Safety is critically important! Fireworks injuries seen at Emergency Rooms between June 20 and July 20, 2014 included 28% from Sparklers, 16% from Illegal Firecrackers and 13% reloadable shells.  Injuries by age included 34% – age 25-44 years and 15% -age five to nine years.46% of fireworks injuries affect the hands and fingers while 17% affect the eyes with another 17% affecting the head, face and ears. The balance of injuries affects the arms, trunks and legs.

The most important safety tips include; having an adult present, do not light fireworks in the street, be sure to have water handy, never re-light malfunctioning fireworks, never give fireworks to small children and never throw fireworks at another person.

Happy 4th of July from INGLEWOOD TODAY!


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