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Life Coach Dawn Kasey Lovelace Aspires to tap into your greatness

Transition and evolution are two words that best describe the essence of which Dawn Kasey Lovelace is, but if you just stopped there you would be missing the total ingredients, which inspire the veteran Life Coach to cultivate the greatness of the individuals she encounters.

Throughout her life, Lovelace has learned from scratch how to tap into her inner resources for the courage and talent to adept to almost any situation.

A 1984 graduate of Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, she got her first job working at Drexel Burnham, where junk bond king Michael Milken made his fortune before he was indicted for racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 in an insider trading investigation.

Lovelace says she more like Forrest Gump, the slow-witted character played by Tom Hanks who never thought of himself as disadvantaged and thanks to his supportive mother led a remarkable life.

During the 1980s she toiled as an under aged club promoter for free and then subsequently landed an internship at Arista Records by the early 1990s.

“Radio was changing at that time so there was this merging of independent artist, labels and promoters and I was in that circle of independent promoters at that time,” Lovelace explained to Inglewood Today.

She gave birth to her first daughter Sunnie Swann in 1992, a promising make-up artist in Washington D.C., all the while climbing up the ladder at Arista.

After elevating into management and artist development, she launched The Acoustic Black Showcase to promote the untapped potential of local minority talent.

A decade had disappeared and Lovelace was giving birth to her second daughter, Savannah Lovelace-Swann, currently a student at Hampton University in Virginia, but she continued to invest her time and energy into programs she steadfastly believed in.

By this time she was working at The Crystal Stairs Head Start Program, a family services program aimed to improve the lives of families through child care services, research, and advocacy, providing comprehensive child development services for low-income children and their families.

She spent countless of hours lobbying for childcare in Sacramento, learning from political figures such as Holly Mitchell.

From there she worked at St. Barnabas Senior Services, which has been serving economically vulnerable older adults in Los Angeles County for over 100 years.

Since 2015, she has been an organizer for SEIU Local 721, with some 90,000 members strong, but her flowing fountain for humanity is focusing on tapping into human potential, more specifically African American human potential.

She feels the most effective way to achieve that is through her work as certified Ontological Coach. She has been doing it for over 10 years.

She is certified with the International Coaching Federation through Ideal Coaching Global, where she now serves as a Staff Coach. Her private practice includes Individual and Group Coaching in the areas of Personal/Professional Development, Organizational Coaching, Leadership, Career Change and Self-Care, with an emphasis on Work/Life balance.

A life coach is responsible for encouraging and counseling clients on a range of professional and personal issues, from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy.

Lovelace describes the span of her career as a journey that demonstrates a high level of leadership and the development of innovative programs and initiatives across sectors throughout Los Angeles County and the State of California.

“My commitment to effective communication and relationship building are keenly highlighted in the types of projects and initiatives that I have implemented in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. My personal responsibility to Equity and justice for working families and professionals has fueled my journey and inspired me to think outside of the box in order to develop solutions, through programs and legislation, for many of the challenges facing California,” according to her statement on website


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