By Michelle Lyons

By Michelle Lyons, Columnist

2020 has been called the year of the revel, or The Great Awakening. One thing for certain, this year is designed to bring us closer to Love, God and family. If your spirit has not grown stronger and if you have not put more focus on your children or the things that matter most, then you have missed the purpose of this year. You are probably stressing out. Several of my friends who are non-believers have called me having anxiety attacks. When they call, I quote Teyana Taylor, “Love Is The New Money”. If you are feeling uncertain or anxious lean into Love, find the divine spirit. For me personally, living on the beach helps me so much. Nature is one of God’s greatest designs, and where I feel closest to God other than being around my children. If you’re feeling anxious take a walk and really Open Your Eyes. Don’t let the chaos of the physical World take away from your gratitude, love and appreciation.

My children are my love. I am so grateful for them. It is the thought of them that can calm my nerves no matter what is happening around me. They are my peace.  My love for my children is why I am answering the call to go into Politics.  I want The World to be a better place for them and The Entire Generation Alpha. In so many ways, The World is more advanced than it has ever been, especially with the advancements in Technology, but in other ways our morals have declined tremendously. We have been so caught up in making money that we have forgotten about LOVE. Love is the most powerful force in The World. Love is Divine, and an absence of love can cause you to lose your mind.

Not everyone has kids or lives near nature; therefore, The Greatest Love of all is the Love inside yourself. I call that Love the spirit of Jesus, but no matter what you call it look for that spirit or energy inside yourself and gravitate towards others with that same spirit or energy. After all, the beauty you see in others is a reflection of the beauty in you.  Love is The New Money, so exchange it!


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