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Mayor Butts calms Coronavirus disease anxiety

Mayor James T. Butts Jr. Statement:

“The Public Los Angeles County Health Department has announced a declaration of a local health emergency.

I want to take a moment to emphasize that this declaration should not drive unnecessary alarm. This is simply a preemptive measure to ensure the county local government and allied agencies are coordinated and strategic in their preparedness efforts and to ensure federal and state funding is appropriately directed.

We are aware that several new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 have been identified in L.A. County. However each of those cases came from a confirmed source and not from a communal spread.  Again the declaration of a local health emergency was made out of abundance of caution and to strengthen our ability collectively to protect our communities.

The city of Inglewood maintains strong partnerships at the federal, state and local levels and is actively engaged in the strategies and preventative measures being discussed and implemented across the county.

Finally, there is no immediate threat to the general public, nor to our work place. As you move about at work and home we recommend that practice good public health hygiene to reduce the spread to any and all respiratory diseases.”


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