We are Still in a Pandemic!

THE ONLY WAY OUT---Vaccination is the only way out the of COVID-19 Pandemic as local municipalities propose stricter guidelines for the unvaccinated. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

Unvaccinated will soon experience restrictions

Times surely does not feel like they did more than a year ago when local businesses were shuttered, highway and street traffic nonexistence and toilet paper and paper towels as valuable as gold.

Sports fans are cramming into stadiums such as SoFi in Inglewood where the Rams and Chargers play home games, restaurants are allowing indoor dining, children are back in person learning, and it seems like the good ole days are back again.

And they are, but as the nation continues to wrestle COVID-19 regulations amid the Delta variant which has stagnated the progress of the essential healing required, compounded by Blacks and Hispanics who are still refusing to be vaccinated the pandemic restrictions are likely to continue into 2022. The most recent data in Los Angeles County which includes Inglewood has Blacks cases at 66,264 and Hispanic/Latino at 716,944.

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. reported that 74 percent of City employees have received a COVID-19 vaccination, but those that do not get vaccinated will likely be without a job by December, the mayor said.

Butts says that Inglewood is not going to go as far as Los Angeles, which plans to require vaccination for individuals to attend a sporting event of more than 5,000 and also restaurants and other establishments.

“How would we be able to enforce it,?” Butts asked regarding such a measure.

In the meanwhile the Mayor has recommended that people get vaccinated and, wash your hands, wear a mask and practice social distancing.


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