The Inglewood Housing Authority’s Annual Plan aims to expand access and programs for the upcoming fiscal year


The Inglewood Housing Authority (IHA) recently held its annual Resident Advisory Board (RAB) meeting on May 13. The purpose of this meeting is for the IHA to receive input and feedback from the general public regarding the Section 8 voucher program. The received feedback will be considered and implemented in the following year’s IHA Annual Plan.

All Section 8 participants are automatically considered members of the Resident Advisory Board. Therefore, the input and feedback in the annual RAB meetings come directly from program participants– families and individuals within the community who, themselves, rely on IHA’s housing voucher program.

Every year, when the RAB meeting approaches, it is vital that Section 8 program participants– also known as RAB members– contribute to the meetings, as the suggestions and feedback in these meetings determine the direction of the Annual Plan for the following fiscal year.   

This year, on May 13, the RAB meeting concluded that the two main areas of concern within the IHA program are rent increases for Section 8 participants, and Section 8 homeownership interest. 

In response to the first concern, the IHA staff explained that the IHA currently has a process to determine rent reasonableness, and some rent increases may be denied.

For the latter, the IHA staff explained that the IHA previously had a homeownership program, and that they would make it a priority to review the program feasibility. In a statement later released, the IHA declared that it does, in fact, have the capacity to successfully operate a Section 8 Homeownership program.

Up next, the Inglewood Housing Authority will hold a public hearing on June 22 to consider the approval of this Annual Plan for the fiscal year of 2021-2022, which begins on October 1, 2021.


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