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The Inglewood City Council recently convened its monthly meeting, discussing topics ranging from property assessments to the proposed Inglewood Transit Connect project. Although the meeting was expected to cover a variety of issues, the Transit Connect project appeared to be the primary focus.

The discussion regarding the project began with public comment. During this period, a speaker expressed concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the project’s cost estimates and funding commitments. The speaker urged the council to proceed cautiously in order to ensure that the project benefits taxpayers. Following the public speech, the county assessor, Jeff Prang, gave a presentation on the county’s property assessment. Prang outlined his role in valuing 2.4 million properties in LA County, which have a total value of close to $2 trillion. He also noted the importance of property assessment in providing insight into the local economy’s health and in aiding budget preparations.

Finally, the meeting concluded with a brief mention of potential delays caused by an upcoming Taylor Swift concert in the area. All in all, the meeting appeared to have been well-attended and lively, as concerned citizens and representatives from the county came together to discuss important topics related to the civic health of Inglewood.

Minute-by-Minute Playbook:

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The Inglewood City Council began by pledging allegiance and performing role calls. They then discussed the future of the Inglewood Transit Connect project, and one member of the public raised concerns about the lack of transparency and final costs. They said that taxpayers could be footing the bill for a project without having the full set of facts. The member requested more transparency and updates from the council and developers to provide an estimate of the total cost of the project.

The council responded by introducing the County Assessor who provided a presentation on the property assessment role in Englewood, including the growth of this role, the value of assessed properties in Englewood, and the revenue these properties generate for local services. He also addressed the issue of the cost of the project, saying that the assessed values of property could help to offset the costs of the project.

The council and assessor concluded by acknowledging the importance of providing transparency on the project’s cost, and the need to ensure that taxpayers are informed of the financial picture. The council committed to providing regular updates and to clearly outlining the costs associated with the project. The council and assessor also acknowledged the need for oversight and agreed that a final budget should be established before any commitments are made to work on the project.

In conclusion, the Inglewood City Council meeting affirmed the need for transparency and clarity regarding the cost of the Inglewood Transit Connect project. The member of the public was successful in drawing attention to the need to provide taxpayers with accurate financial information and the council and assessor agreed that regular updates should be provided and that a final budget should be established before any commitments are made.


The Inglewood City Council Meeting continued by discussing the flurry of activity in the commercial and industrial real estate market of the city. Amazingly, the value of its commercial and industrial parcels has surged to $16 billion – a staggering 143% increase in just 13 years.

Although there has been a slight dip in commercial parcels in the city, the speaker attributes this to a mere correction in the market, which had witnessed an overheated situation during the pandemic. The brisk movement in residential properties has been encouraging, as more and more home buyers are investing in the city of Englewood.

The speaker also detailed the various tax-saving programs on offer for homeowners, which helps to keep the finances of property owning families in check. In addition, the council also announced the launch of a novel service – the E-notification program, which is aimed at tackling home fraud. Residents are advised to sign up for their monthly newsletter for helpful tips on saving money and property ownership.

Having discussed the various real estate-related activities, the council proceeded to the ordinance on fast-food restaurants which requires them to comply with specific zoning regulations. There were no questions and that portion of the meeting was adjourned.


Furthermore, numerous items and motions were discussed and voted on. Approval was given to continue a public hearing to the following meeting, authorize the issuance of taxable pension obligation bonds, and approve agreements for the Inglewood Transit Connector project. These included a sewer relocation agreement and amendments to engineering and consulting agreements. The Council also authorized the approval of architectural and engineering services for residential units in the city’s sound insulation program.

The Council then discussed and voted to approve an ordinance to regulate pedaling, soliciting, and sidewalk vendors in accordance with amendments to the municipal code. A council member inquired on the location of these residential units, and it was clarified that they would be located within identified corridors rather than specific districts.

The City Manager’s Office provided updates on a successful podcast and upcoming events such as National Voter Registration Day. They also mentioned the numerous celebrity sightings in Inglewood, including Beyonce and the Prince and Princess of Sussex. In addition, the Council approved the Treasurer’s Report and minutes from various pertinent agencies.


A discussion began regarding the monthly treasurer’s report before moving on to the approval of minutes from past meetings.

Afterwards, a member of the public took to the podium to request office and meeting space for their nonprofit organization, to which the council gave warm regards and a standing ovation.

The next item on the agenda was then tackled: the appointment of members to the South Bay Workforce Investment Board. This was followed by the approval of a contract, which will improve the Darby Park walking track, providing a safe and inviting space for those who wish to exercise. Additionally, councilwoman Dion Faulk mentioned the upcoming events and meetings, which include the city clerk’s voting session as well as the Hispanic heritage car show.

They also dedicated time to council members sharing their experiences and voting on agenda items. Councilman Via reported on the block club meetings he attended, and thanked the organizers for their hospitality. Additionally, he announced the pending closure of the North Park play area in order for the installation of a shade canopy.

The council members also celebrated the return of the police chief, shared their experiences, and voted on important agenda items.

Lastly, they remembered Mr. Juan Fragosa, the father of Commissioner Jak Fragosa, with words of respect and condolences. The council came together to make a positive difference for their constituents, and it is through their efforts and initiatives that Inglewood remains a strong and vibrant community.


The Inglewood City Council expressed their immense gratitude to the city’s Public Works department for their successful traffic handling during the recent concerts of Taylor Swift and Beyonce at the local stadium. The council went on to recognize the success of community events such as the ‘Let’s Get Healthy’ dance series and block club parties. Furthermore, Councilor Morales was commended for his March for Mothers event, as well as the 50th anniversary of a couple in District 4.

The Council then acknowledged the significant contribution of the police department in assisting with a case of illegal squatting. They also celebrated the upcoming festivities for Hispanic Heritage Month and wished all participants a successful and safe month of celebration.

The Council then went on to discuss the importance of supporting local businesses, noting the success of the Urban League’s small business grants program. It was also mentioned that people from various parts of the world were attending different events in Inglewood.

The Council also highlighted recent copper wire thefts that were affecting street lights around the area and the necessary measures being implemented to address the problem. They also were encouraged by the significant increase in property values in Inglewood since 2010, marking many homeowners property millionaires.

The meeting concluded with a moving tribute to Juan Foso in honor of his dedication and contribution to the Inglewood community. The members of the Inglewood City Council left attendees with the feeling of appreciation for all of the hard-working members of the departments throughout the city who have contributed to making Inglewood an even better place to live.


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