Inglewood Planning Commission Meeting (09-06-2023)


The article provides a summary of a meeting that took place. The meeting commenced with the call to order and roll call. The staff acknowledged the receipt of a letter from the applicants regarding item 6A. There were no public comments or hearings at that time.

Item 6A involved reviewing a special use permit for alcohol sales. This one-year review confirmed that the applicant had fulfilled all necessary conditions. The commissioners had only one question related to crime statistics in the area.

Moving on to item 6B, the meeting included an overview report on micro unit regulations. The report highlighted that high construction costs have led to increased home prices and rents in Los Angeles County, including Inglewood, where the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment stands at $1800.

To address the issue of high housing prices and rents, the report examined the potential of micro units as a solution. Micro units are smaller than traditional apartments and typically include a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette. The report discussed current regulations and explored possible changes to promote the development of micro units as a solution for affordable housing options.

At the end of the meeting, there was an opportunity for commissioners to ask questions. However, no questions were posed by the commissioners.

In summary, the meeting covered routine administrative matters, the approval of a special use permit for alcohol sales, and a report on micro unit regulations in Inglewood to address the high housing prices and rents. The report discussed current regulations and potential changes to encourage the development of micro units. The meeting concluded without any questions from the commissioners.


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