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Alexis Stanley finds solution to hair breakage

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Alexis Stanley knew there had to be a solution to her hair breakage… so she created one! After first gaining a following on Instagram, she was asked over and over again to package her crazy popular Type 4 Hair Conditioner. Today, Uniqurl continues to be sold online and, within the last month also in select Sally stores nationwide… where her 2-in-1 conditioner immediately sold out!

Crazy Popular Uniqurl Type 4 Hair Conditioner Sells Out at Sally’s!

After barely hitting the shelves in select Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide in March, Uniqurl’s multi-purpose 2-in-1 conditioner immediately sold out!

Uniqurl is the break-through solution in the beauty space that specializes in delivering exactly what Type 4 hair craves: moisture, definition, shine, and a simplified wash day routine.

Get to know their powerhouse 2-in-1 Silkening Deep Conditioner:

Melts away stubborn tangles and strengthens in one formula!

Infuses hair with strengthening proteins and Biotin to prevent breakage and maximize length retention

Nutrient-packed aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and shea butter soften and silken hair

Tingly peppermint oil soothes the scalp

GuarSilk gently loosens knots, tangles, and webbing


Uniqurl’s rejuvenating product line was created by Alexis Stanley, a registered nurse in search of an easier routine for her natural hair journey, featuring less steps, less stress on her wallet, and less bottles cluttering up her counters. 

Discover the beauty of a simplified hair lifestyle with Uniqurl!

$16 — Pop into a Sally’s Beauty Supply near you or order direct from


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