Behind The Scene at SoFi Imani Sajae Ervins Serving Art to the World

Imani Sajae Ervins, The Artist

The $5 billion saucer is all the rave while its NFL tenants are the featured focal point of the Inglewood Renaissance, but upon a much closer inspection one might discover a unique element that is often taken for granted.

Out front are the people working at SoFi who directs the cars into the stadium, that rolling crawl will take you to your parking location until you encounter the men and women who scan your bag at the security point.

You can exhale after finally reaching what some now call euphoria, the greatest place on earth that relies on the hands of unknown to transform an event into an experience.

In the press box, the scribes and broadcasters are spoiled to a royal spread that evolves as the game progresses.

Soft scrambled eggs, waffles and fresh blue berries, beef stew, tamales, taquitos, pigs in the blanket, juices, coffee, doughnuts and on this Halloween day, sweet pastries with mini tomb stones planted on top.

With all that’s in front of you, its easy to miss those who actually make sure you float out after walking in.

Imani Sajae Ervins is one of those really special people behind the scene that produces the magic at SoFi Stadium.

The native of Ashburn, VA is a former soccer star and the daughter of former USC running back and NFL Super Bowl Champion Ricky Ervins, but not by any means is Imani lost in her old man shadow, quite the contrary.

While acknowledging that both of her parents are her greatest inspiration, Imani is determined to forge her own path.

“Definitely my family in so many ways, they are truly my inspiration and rock,” she explained to Inglewood Today. “My father in all of the things he has overcome and continues to, let me know that I can do anything.”

Imani credits her mother, “for being the strongest person,” and inspiring her to live beyond her potential.

The 27-year old graduate of Winthrop University in South Carolina has enjoyed a stellar career as a catering manager, working for years at AT&T Stadium in Texas before ultimately landing in her current gig at SoFi.

Although she has experienced some of the most renowned sporting events such as Cowboys football games, Rams and Chargers, concerts and more through her work in catering, her true love is art.

“I want to be an artist who someday commissions her work for the world,” Imani boast.

She realized that art was her true passion while in college.

“I made all of decorum for my dorm room.” She self-taught herself.

Asked what her specialty was and her reply was a reflection of her enormous vision.

“A little bit of everything. Abstract, alcohol ink, melamine boards, cabinets, tile, resin on canvas.”

Art has produced healing benefits for Imani with her lauding art as “great for me, mentally and physically.”

It is also not too bad for her financially as her commissions are beginning to add up.

Her dad loved football, she sister Jazmyn loves fashion design, mom Shawnese pours her love in to all of them and Imani’s adoration for art is a byproduct of it.

You wouldn’t know any of this because you’re too busy eating.


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