Celebrating Women’s International History Month: Apryl Sims Juicing Your Life Up One Bottle at a Time

Apryl Sims

It took quite a while for Apryl Sims to discover her own path, but if you examine a bit deeper, you’re likely to learn it really isn’t a path just for her after all.

Sims a native of Los Angeles, California has forever placed the welfare and well-being of others in front of herself.

A devout African American culturalist, she was educated at Manchester Elementary and Bret Harte Middle School before attending high school at predominantly white Palisades.

She continued academically at Howard University in Washington D.C. that produced our first Black Vice President Kamala Harris and it is at that historically Black institution where Sims ultimately grew her dreadlocks so to speak.oward

“I just believe in my people and always want the absolute best for my people,” Sims explained to Inglewood Today.

Upon graduating from Howard in 1984 and earning her BBA in marketing she went on to work as a sales representative for an International company where she toiled for just a year.

Then she abruptly left for Flint, Michigan where she got married, but just three years later in 1987 Sims returned back to the Southland and again in the sales profession, this time the manager at a computer company.

Her father called on her to help with his 333 Construction Company, a family owned business and his daughter ran the business from top to bottom, increasing revenues from $250, 000 to $4 million.Her

A fourth generation entrepreneur who was inspired by the self-reliance of Harriett Tubman considered the “Moses” of her people as an abolitionist whose 13 missions rescued some 70 slaves in the mid 1800s, Sims wants to free her people of unhealthy lifestyles.

“I’m about my people,” Sims insisted.

And she was certainly about her people when she served as general manager of Simply Wholesome Health Food Store & Restaurant for 24 years.

“Many of my customers would frequently discuss with me their health issues and I contemplated what I could do about it,” Sims added.

Born out of many customers complaints was Apryl Sims Life in a Bottle juice beverages.

The 100 percent cold press deliciously tasty liquids come in a variety of flavors and are genuinely best for nourishing the body.

The juices have been her priority since 2016 and after reaving Simply Wholesome and now requires her full attention.

The attention to detail in the ingredients that each bottle contains is beyond impressive, spring water, agave, turmeric juice, cucumber juice and many others that evolve into a bursting tantalizing infusion of goodness.

Currently available at a half dozen locations from Canoga Park to Watts, Compton and in between theses juices don’t require the expertise of its owner to get out of the fridge and into your hands.

So good are these juices they sell itself and the mere fact they are even better for you than anything else you can buy makes it an absolute essential during and beyond COVID-19.

@aprylslifeinabottle www.aprylslifeinabottle.com


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