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Glow + Flow Beauty Experience launches scholarship program

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LOS ANGELES – The class of 2020 was supposed to be graduating into one of the healthiest job markets to date. Students were excited to join the workforce, and begin their professional lives in the beauty industry. Cosmetology students in particular were displaced upon realizing their dreams of styling and growing in salons after graduation would be postponed. Licensed cosmetologists have been reduced to working from home, diminishing the value of a hard earned professional cosmetology license. This predicament weighed heavily on the heart of Diann Valentine, the Founder of Glow + Flow Beauty Experience. “As an entrepreneur and Mom, I’m disheartened for the class of 2020. A plethora of amazing opportunities have been lost due to COVID-19. I want to use my influence and portfolio of businesses to help elevate new licensed beauty professionals who are struggling to get their foot in the door.” Valentine has decided to spearhead a scholarship opportunity for California cosmetologists licensed in 2020.

Glow + Flow Beauty Experience’s New Stylist Stimulus Package is available to beauticians in California who received their cosmetology licenses in the chaotic year of 2020. Scholarship recipients will be awarded several opportunities:

● All scholarship recipients will  receive  free booth space   for three days. During this time candidates have the opportunity to bring in their own clientele or even work on new clients at Glow + Flow Beauty Experience.

● All scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to learn various hair extensions methods as Glow + Flow offers 8 different techniques.

● Scholarship candidates will be granted full access to the salon to shoot content for their portfolios. This production day allows candidates to feature the luxury environment and amenities provided by Glow + Flow in their content free of charge.

● Valentine’s sister company Glow + Flow Beauty Supply will be awarding scholarship applicants a 15% discount.

● Scholarship stylists will be granted free admission to the   beauty business seminar hosted by Diann Valentine and her seasoned team of beauty professionals.This

educational panel will focus on beauty techniques, business tactics, and the lucrative world of cosmetics and entrepreneurship. December 15th from 11am to 3pm.

This multifaceted stimulus package was designed to enrich promising stylists and help them spread their wings while refining their newfound skills. New stylists have become more resilient than ever, and their efforts will not go unnoticed on Valentine’s watch. Her business partner Damon Haley shares this commitment to the cause. “We want to enable the dream and maintain the hopes of these aspirations. New beauty professionals need support and access to the facilities that have been taken away from them. Securing a place in the beauty industry is still an attainable dream, despite all the adversity 2020 has thrown at them.”

To learn more about Glow + Flow Beauty Experience visit their website at (, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@glowandflowbeauty)


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