Gloria Gray D-1 Council Member

(District 1Council Member Gloria Gray with Osage Senior Villa residents. Photo by Francis Taylor)

Returns to Osage Senior Villa

By Francis Taylor, Executive Editor

Keeping a campaign promise, District 1 Council Member Gloria Gray returned to Osage Senior Villa this week to thank the 91 residents for their support during her recent campaign to unseat the incumbent. “When I asked for your support, I promised to return to answer your questions and address your concerns,” she said. “I am here today to keep that promise.”

Osage Senior Villa is a 22-year-old structure, located at 924 Osage Avenue in Inglewood, CA, that has 91 one- and two-bedroom apartments. The building, nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood in the city, features a billiard room, computer room, exercise room, library, and a public area with an adjoining kitchen.

After lunch was provided for the residents and their special guest, Council Member Gray thanked the residents for their support and opened the floor for discussion and questions. After it became apparent that many of the concerns and questions appeared to be beyond the control of the City of Inglewood, Member Gray demonstrated an act of experienced leadership by encouraging the residents to select a group of resident volunteers who could serve as a clearing house and voice for all the concerns and questions that would be more appropriately directed to property management.  Once the list was compiled, she agreed to present the concerns to the property managers to seek resolution and accountability.

The questions and complaints were varied and typical of what one might find in any residential apartment building including rent control, parking, security, laundry room operations, apartment and building repairs, common area usage, property management and ownership, etc. Member Gray and her staff member, Alicia Smith, urged everyone to submit their questions, concerns and complaints to one of the four volunteer residents so their concerns could be addressed.

Member Gray promised to return to Osage Senior Villa in the future for a follow-up meeting with the residents.


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