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Trump is not are gravest fear;
72,293,492 million Voters Are

America is more divided after the most consequential election in our history, one that inspired more than 150 million people to exercise their precious right to cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice, than they were before it.

For four excruciating days, combing through all of our television channels hoping for any finality to an election that much like four years ago pundits forecast that the Democratic candidate would be a sure bet, but was anything but.

What we learned was that the only sure thing is no sure thing, especially since Donald J. Trump strolled down the golden staircase at Trump Tower in New York to announce that he would be entering in the realm of politics in 2015.

While most scoffed that he was a celebrity stunt that would quickly be gone, it turned out to be a foundation reckoning of our democratic norms as we knew them and to his credit he exposed the system of America for the world to see and it is flawed, tainted, racist and wicked.

It is a system that many of us were blinded to before as our public servants, some of them, did the best to navigate it to for the purpose of serving their constituents.

Trump turned the system on its head as any political novice and professional con man could, and after Joe Biden protected the Blue wall and eked out a victory for decency and a return to a normalcy that we scorned before, we sure as hell hope to get back there soon.

Instead of accepting the will of the people vote in the election that favored Biden and his historical Vice President elect Kamala Harris, Trump is instead digging in for one final scare that will bare the system to a bit more of bone.

Essentially, Trump is doing what Hillary Clinton would not do, go full blast in any vague zeal to win and continue to erode the system to its core.

Many of the same pundits who predicted that I would not endure the sleepless nights of 2016 all over again says that he has no chance to over turn an election and that eventually he will be gone from the White House.

However, Trump albeit evidently dangerous, is not the gravest challenge that we as a nation have before us.

We should be most concerned about 72,293,492 million people who have decided the follow him to cliffs edge.

Many of them are Blacks, Hispanics, racist, doctors, lawyers, athletes, celebrities, casino moguls, sports team owners and outright gun toting segregationist who are willing to die for what they believe in.

My hope is that President elect Joe Biden can convince many of them that America is a place for everyone of every shade, religious background, gender, rich and poor to reside in harmony.

Donald J. Trump may soon become a footnote in all of this eventually, we pray…we hope, but one thing is clear it will not be without more destruction to the foundation of the republic.


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