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Weinberg praise Inglewood Today for Agee coverage

“I hope this email finds you and your family well and content. As you might expect I still keep up with what is occurring in Inglewood, forever my second home.  I read your publication routinely and am so impressed. I talk with Jim periodically as well. 

Like so many others I was disheartened to hear of Willie Agee’s passing. Also, like so many others, I was very fond of him.  Francis Taylor’s article about him this week was wonderful and the picture of him and Tunisia was perfect.

Over this morning’s coffee I just wanted to write something about what Willie meant to Inglewood and to me in my role as CM.

I am including it here as an attachment, and pasted and copied below, in the event that you would be kind enough to share it with audience, should you be printing any other tributes or letters about Willie from your readership.”

Stay safe and well in these turbulent times.

With sincere best wishes,

Mark F. Weinberg


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