Mayor James T. Butts Jr – Message to the City of Champions


The tomorrows and dreams described in the 2019 state of the city message have become today’s yesterdays and the current triumphs of the present.  Gone back to New York is Madison Square Gardens.  The Fabulous Forum is part of the Ballmer kingdom, poised and ready for entertainment when the pandemic era ends.  Sofi Stadium; the brainchild of Stan Kroenke stands alone as the most magnificent sports structure in the world.  The Rams and Chargers are midway through their first NFL seasons.

The NFL Networks building is within weeks of occupancy.  The 238 acre Hollywood Park development when viewed by the millions of air passengers in the flight approach to LAX has the appearance of an evolving city within the City of Inglewood.  Century Blvd, a long term reconstruction project is now complete.  Who would have ever envisioned Century, Labrea, Manchester and Florence lined with Palm trees and other flora?  That topography distinguishes the Inglewood of today.  Our Public Works Department has been the tip of the spear in this massive infrastructure renewal of Inglewood. 

Inglewood is in its 9th consecutive year of the lowest crime rates in its recorded history.  In fact, the year 2019 holds the distinction of being the lowest crime period in city records.  We look forward to the 2020 totals in January of 2021. The IPD and its leadership are world class in the law enforcement realm.  Never before has the IPD been so successful in increasing public safety while simultaneously becoming as one with the residents that it serves.

The Clippers edge ever closer to breaking ground on what will be the preeminent professional basketball arena in (it’s getting redundant, but bear with me)….the world.  A practice facility, 18,000 seat NBA arena, open space and retail….all situated upon a land mass that has lain fallow for over 3 decades.  Yes, Steve Ballmer has chosen Inglewood as his NBA franchise’s home.

The Inglewood Gateway, a 243 unit apartment and retail complex has erupted from the 30 year dormant and vacant Martin’s Cadillac site at Florence and Market streets, courtesy of Thomas Saffron and Associates.  Grace Park, the old Daniel Freeman Hospital site is now adorned with 226 high end condominiums in a gated planned community.  The Pointe, another 144 unit for rent residential development will upgrade the potpourri of mismatched structures across Labrea from the Inglewood Gateway.

The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (35,000 strong) have relocated from Marina Del Rey to Inglewood, not ¼ mile from Inglewood City Hall.   An orchestra hall which will hold the LA Philharmonic’s Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA)is ¾ complete and is located less than 50 yards from Inglewood City Hall.  The Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce (across the street from 2 year old $35 million dollar Inglewood Senior Center) is in the closing months of a complete renovation which will make it the envy of all chambers of commerce in the County of Los Angeles.  The City has received over $323 million dollars in grant commitments from the County and State towards the construction of a People Mover to facilitate transportation in the Inglewood of tomorrow.  The only thing that has changed in Inglewood is…..everything.


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