Black Women Return to The Throne


By Michelle Lyons, IT Columnist

How blessed are we to be alive for such an incredible turning point in history? Obama was the first black man to be the most powerful person in the World since the Moorish Empire (711-1492), and now, we are days away from the first black woman ruling the World in the Common Era.

The last woman to rule the World was Queen Elizabeth also known as Good Queen Bess in the 1600’s; however, the last Black woman to rule the known World traces back to Ancient Egypt.

To this day, scholars still debate about the ethnicity and skin complexion of Cleopatra, so we will not count her, but Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Sobekneferu, and more there are drawings and statues on display around the World that clearly portrays them as melaninated African women.

So, what took us so long to get here? It is easy to blame slavery and white supremacy, after all the opposite of a white man is a Black Woman, and he has set up his western civilization where his opposite, a black woman, is at the bottom of society. Although this is an astute observation, this is not the answer either because black women or women in general are oppressed in mostly every culture.

Recently I read Caste by Isabel Wilkerson and she says that Europeans learned sexism and racism from the Indians. India has had a Caste System since 2500 B.C. She claimed that racism and sexism as we know it did not exist in Western Civilization until 1492, after the Moorish empire fell, Christopher Columbus “discovered” the Americas. After discovering the Americas, he then went on to India for their spices, and while visiting he learned about their Caste system and how to apply it to his newfound land. Dark people were at the bottom of the Caste and women were below men; subsequently dark women were the untouchable of the untouchables, the lowest of the lowest caste.

However, Chinese men, Japanese men and even African Men historically have oppressed their women. The men women dynamic has always made me think of a famous Lauryn Hill line, “Why for you to increase, I must decrease.”

After all, women hold up half the sky. I now believe America is truly on its way to being the greatest country that ever existed. I feel this way because of a book I recently read about Queen Hatshepsut by Kara Cooney. She described Egypt’s greatest reign was when a Woman became King. I wonder if similarly, to our country if the Egyptian empire appeared to be in disarray and then a woman came along to save the day. The Egyptian empire lasted 3000 years, but it was not until 1500 B.C.  that they decided to make a Woman Pharaoh.

Hatshepsut came along well before Jesus Christ who saved the World, but I do believe she saved Egypt. Her reign was known as Egypt’s Golden Age. During the Golden Age, Egypt focused on rebuilding its infrastructure, and there are no known wars during her reign as well. It was her reign that gave the next male Pharaoh the confidence of World Domination. From that point on, Egypt began to rotate male and female leaders so the feminine energy could focus on the details of the internal kingdom and the masculine energy could focus on the power and control of the external kingdom and expansion.

Because of Hatshepsut Egypt stayed in power an additional 1500 years, longer than any other empire outside the Chinese empire. Ironically, Egypt also fell during a woman’s reign who I believe chose to use her masculine energy to rule instead of her feminine energy. Cleopatra the seventh was vastly different than every Queen before her, and Egypt paid the price.

I hope Kamala Harris can follow the ancient women like Queen Hatshepsut and get America to focus on its infrastructure by improving our education system and providing affordable healthcare. I also hope that during her reign women, especially black women, RETURN TO OUR GRACE. It is time to pick up our crowns, and stop disrespect, self-hate and degrading of ourselves because A QUEEN HAS RETURNED TO THE THRONE!


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