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2021 Council Meetings Resumes Traffic Light Needed: Manchester at Cedar

Over the year-end shutdown, the City of Inglewood experienced yet another vehicular accident that resulted in the death of an Inglewood resident at the intersection of Manchester Boulevard and Cedar Avenue, across the street from Bravo’s restaurant. The family of the deceased asks the city to consider the installation of a traffic light because drivers frequently ignore the flashing lights that are activated by pedestrians waiting to cross the street. This writer is aware of two of his Queen Street neighbors who were killed at that intersection. It is time for the council to act to end the tragic loss of life that results from vehicles that fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

The council conducted a public hearing to consider an ordinance amending Inglewood Municipal Code, Chapter 11, pertaining to building regulations.

The council approved a second amendment to Agreement No. 20-031 (the California Cities Gaming Authority Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement) to admit the City of San Jose as a Member and an agreement with Grow Cycling Foundation for the installation of a Pump Track at Edward Vincent Park at no cost.

The council approved Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 21-028 with 40 Love Foundation, Incorporated for Tennis Management Services to incorporate the hourly rate of one coaching staff not listed in the original agreement.

The council approved a Waiver and General Release for retired Police Canine, Zoran and an

agreement with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to accept State funding from Caltrans in the amount of $72,000.

The council approved an Advance Funding Agreement with Murphy’s Bowl LLC (Developer) to fund the demolition of Inglewood Well No. 6 in the total amount of $127,495 for the Well No. 6 Destruction and Site Demolition Project.

The council awarded a contract with Best Drilling and Pump, Inc. to provide demolition services for the Well No. 6 Destruction and Site Demolition Project, per Bid No. CB-20-13.

During the council comments, Member Dotson extended New Year’s greetings to everyone and reminded all to wash their hands, observe social distancing guidelines and wear your mask to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Member Morales acknowledged the challenges of the preceding year and the loss of those whose lives have been lost to the Pandemic. He specifically mentioned, among others, the Dee Dee Brown, wife of Inglewood Today founder and executive publisher Willie Brown, who succumbed to Covid-19.

Mayor Butts cited the senseless murder that recently occurred in Darby Park and announced the establishment of a $25,000 reward to help identify the killer. He also provided a summary of the improvements in the Inglewood Police Department that has resulted in the overall decline of killings in the City of Inglewood, citing the $11 million investment in public safety.

Finally, an item that was emailed to the City Clerk’s office that did not make it to the council meeting was the request that the council install a traffic light at the intersection of Manchester Boulevard and Cedar Avenue following the recent vehicular accident that resulted in the death of an Inglewood resident.


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