City Council Adopts Measure to Aid Low-Income Renters


Consistent with the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic the weekly city council meeting resumed in the council chambers without the presence of any members of the general public. However, at the beginning of the meeting which was broadcast on Facebook, Mayor Butts opened the meeting with instructions on how members of the public could participate in the meeting by calling in about matters on the agenda and later on items that were not on the agenda.

The council unanimously adopted a resolution appointing Mayor James T. Butts, Jr., as the voting delegate, and Council Member Alex Padilla as the alternate, to represent the City of Inglewood at the League of California Cities.

They also heartily embraced and adopted the initiative by Mayor James T. Butts, Jr., recommending direction be given to staff to develop two (2) COVID-19 Relief Programs to assist Low-Income and unemployed or underemployed Inglewood residents pay past due rents, due to COVID-19 impacts, and other basic needs. Mayor Butts and the council members individually and collectively described how this initiative will assist Inglewood’s most needy residents with funds that will not have a negative effect on the city’s fiscal health. It was explained that relief for home owners is not necessary because state and federal programs have already been established to protect mortgage holders with relief from the inability to pay the monthly mortgage and the loss of funds related to COVID-19.

Mayor Butts, a graduate of Crenshaw High School, read a proclamation from the city council declaring August 12 as Willie West, Jr. Day in the City of Inglewood and commending him on the occasion of his 80th birthday for the extraordinary record he amassed as the basketball coach at Crenshaw High School for 37 years.

During the council comments, Member Dotson encouraged everyone to protect themselves and their families by wearing a mask and visor to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Member Padilla commented on the city’s decision to assist Inglewood renters and announced the arrival of his first grandchild.

Member Franklin and Member Morales added their support of the Mayor’s initiative and offered their congratulations to ‘Grandpa Padilla!’

Mayor Butts offered additional justification for the city’s decision to assist low-income renters whose ability to pay rent has been affected by COVID-19. He explained that cities throughout the region are suffering as a result of declining sales tax revenue and some cities are using the state and federal relief funds to bolster city programs including police overtime expenses. Because of the City of Inglewood’s fiscal responsibility, we are able to direct those relief funds to the individuals who need it most.


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