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O’Chea Fashion Inspires Women with Power and Confidence

San Diego native Chebra Dorsey began her career as a licensed cosmetologist more than 20 years ago, but for more than the past decade for personal care has been designing women clothing fashion.

O’Chea Fashion Boutique in Lemon Grove has been the go to store for women seeking purpose in what they wear.

O’Chea also inspires individualism and leadership with an abundance of colors and designs that fuel power and confidence for every woman of all cultures.

Moroccan actress Karole Foreman who starred in stage play  ‘Caroline or Change’ is one of her many clients as well as actress Wendy Lynn Adams and actress Kita Williams of ‘Hidden in the Heart of Texas’.

“I believe that it is essential that women feel empowered by what they wear, it speaks to not only the elegance and royalty they are but the sound character and spirit they possess,” Dorsey explained to Inglewood Today.

The trademark of O’Chea fashion is their quality stretchable fabrics material, bold and vibrant colors that Dorsey describes as unique collectables.

However, if one were to only chronicle the businesswoman in Dorsey they would be neglecting many of her core values that define her foundation.

“I am a very spiritual person who believes in making people happy and uplifting when and wherever I can,” she said.

Before and during the COVID-19 pandemic her philanthropy work has been on full display.

Within her community she was known for providing specialized hair services for former cancer patients that had experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

She frequently sponsors events for the Boys and Girls Club in San Diego, Children’s Hospital and the Food for Children Foundation.

The California State Senate has recognized Dorsey and Assembly and more recently received the prestigious Red Blazer of Excellence & Achievement. She is also a member of Robbie Motter’s (CEO/Founder) of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs.

A single mother of an adult son, Andre M. Tanner, Dorsey relies on her son assistance in promoting her brand and organizing fashion shows.

Among her unique talents is that promoting and producing organic products that are customized for each client’s hair care needs. Fashion Boutique located on 7951 Broadway Ave, Lemon Grove and can be accessed online at O’Chea Fashion Production at F


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