How do you feel about Trump’s infamous “Go Back” comment?


Jay Glenn

Trump is out of line and he knows it. The sad part is he doesn’t even care and nobody ever holds him accountable for his blatant disrespect.

Dalayna Williams

I try to avoid all things Trump so I didn’t watch any videos online and refuse to, but I heard about it. It’s unbelievable to hear and even though I know it’s true. I still can’t believe The President of The USA said that.

Asyia Armand

It was extremely distasteful. In addition to being a failure as the POTUS, He is just a poor example of a human being all around. No class at.

Isaac Spice

That and all the other foul things that come out of his mouth are despicable. It was completely unacceptable and utterly disgusting.  I really only have 3 words when it comes to Trump.

“Not My President.”


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