Inglewood Women in Power Host
Empowerment Summit June 18th


Dionne Faulk, the first Black woman Inglewood City Councilmember, and City Clerk Aisha L. Thompson will host the inaugural ‘Women Rock Empowerment Summit’ on Saturday June 18th

in commemoration of Juneteenth at the Inglewood Senior Center located at 111 N Locust St. beginning at 9 a.m. until 3p.m.

Major James T. Butts, Jr. will bring greetings during the morning session that will also include a presentation from Congresswoman Maxine Waters that will inform the attendees on challenges and progress in Washington DC.

“We are looking forward to hearing from her and learning how we can support her as our representative from Inglewood,” Councilwoman Faulk explained to Inglewood Today.

Rep. Waters will be followed by a multiple breakout workshop sessions that will include information about finance, wellness and social media.

“These will be workshops that hopefully empower our Inglewood women residents in ways to managing and improve their finances. We want to work with our residents who may not make  $100 grand a year, and are making a lost less than that and we want to meet them where they are at, provide them with some financial expertise,” Faulk added.

The wellness workshop will be hosted by a local nurse, who will provide tips on aging and the address the challenges that women may have as they increase in age. It will also provide information on skin care.

A Social Media guru will host the branding workshop aimed to help women small business owners elevate their community awareness through the many social media platforms while also increasing their revenue.

“One hundred and eighty women have been invited through Eventbrite and 130 have already been confirmed,” said City Clerk Thompson who will co-chair the event with Faulk.

Women ranging from the ages of 25 to 60 have been confirmed, but seniors have also been invited.

“We know that all ages will be inspired by our wellness aspect of this event,” continued Thompson.

“The only difference between seniors and younger people is most seniors are where they believe they are going to be in life, they may be retired or on social security, however every person benefits from wellness training because you are giving people opportunity to maximize

the years they have before them,” stated Mayor Butts. “How you eat, the exercises that you engage in have a drastic impact on your physical appearance.”

It is the hope of Faulk and Thompson the ‘Women Rock Empowerment Summit’ will become an annual event that women from the City of Inglewood can benefit for years to come.


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