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Kenneth Fountain Pours Life into Hidden Humidor

The buzzer rings at the brick enclave nestled just off Carson and a few blocks east of the 110 Freeway, the door swings open and I am greeted by Hidden Humidor owner Kenneth Fountain.

Immediately, I become impressed as I glance towards right of the door and observe the massive glass enclosed humidor with a variety of cigars that would impress the most experienced aficionado.

For those who know, cigars are an experience and more importantly a connection to the well to do people in business and life.

That’s precisely why Fountain, the son of a generation of brick masons and construction company owner decided that he would venture into the cigar lounge world.

Although the Hidden Humidor is a boutique lounge in size, it showcases wall to wall big screen televisions, a booming sound system, a refreshment bar, an oak oval table for eating and table games, it is a big deal for the industry that is becoming a growing population for Black entrepreneurs.

“I opened the Hidden Humidor three years ago because cigars is a hobby and the passion that I have for creating an environment of comfort and relaxation,” Fountain shared with Inglewood Today.

The club has 19 members which represents professionals such as doctors, nurses, hairstylist and casual working people.

“It’s a great thing. To be able to relax and collaborate and have a good time among either family, friends or business associates,” he added.

Fountain’s establishment is private, but he is quick to inform that it is a place open to the public or for small events and anyone is welcome.

Located at 236 W Carson Street in Carson, The Hidden Humidor welcomes mature professional adults of any persuasion.

Fountain’s father, Samuel Fountain is the first Black construction company licensed in the City of Compton and the legendary Martin Masonry is also a family foundation. Martin Masonry is responsible for laying the bricks for both the 105 Freeway and the 10 Freeway.

Now that Kenneth Fountain has added a cigar lounge to his growing business portfolio, the 56 year old can reflect on what giant shoulders he has always stood.


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