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The Creative House Printing & Everything Else

The Creative House, operated by Branding Director Khnum Alexander and his business partner, Rasta, has been operating in Downtown Inglewood for the last three and one half years. Presently, they are featuring the UBUNTU gallery collection of ‘Acrylic on paper, mixed media on tar paper, and sculpture pieces by ‘Chukes.’ Other artists featured include Kevin Cole, Adger Cowans and Tafa.

Alexander explained that all of the featured pieces are for sale and the price ranges from $950 to $8,000 and is proud of the fact that Inglewood residents appreciate finer things and several have purchased art pieces from The Creative House.

The Creative House Gallery is committed to enhancing the quality of life through artistic programming that serves all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and economic status with an emphasis on marginalized, underserved and underrepresented persons. They aim to play a sustainable role in revitalizing Inglewood via a collective of artists, educators, scholars and leaders who are dedicated to the enlightenment and healing of the community through art by utilization of enriched and diverse programming, workshops and seminars based on art and individual empowerment.

The Creative House invites the community to support their programs through philanthropy, donations, sponsorship, resource assistance and volunteer work. They secure funding for programming costs from Free Art Education Workshops and Gallery Tours, multi-use computer equipment and software agreements, art materials for workshops and event food and vendor sponsorships.

They promote leadership development programs that develop leaders who will be educated on the understanding on how art applies to everyday life and how it helps in problem solving and critical thinking. They provide additional life skills workshops on college access, financial literacy, and self sustainability and they build relationships with local government, small business, organizations, schools and faith based centers for a greater and sustainable impact.

The Creative House invites the entire community to stop by for a cultural experience.


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