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Inglewood to host inaugural LA Bowl

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. has frequently stated that everyday in the city will be a historical moment and Wednesday February 26 was another documentation of that proclamation.

Mayor Butts joined with SoFi Stadium, the PAC 12 Conference and Mountain West Conference (MW) to announce the inaugural LA Bowl college football game that will be held in the new stadium in December 2020.

The event will feature the top ranked team from the MW and the 5th place team from the PAC 12.

Mountain West Conference teams includes: Boise State, Air Force, Utah State, Wyoming, Colorado State, New Mexico, Hawaii‘, San Diego State, Nevada, Fresno State, UNLV and San José State.

PAC 12 Conference teams include; Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State

Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Utah, California, Stanford, UCLA and USC.

“It is quite impressive that everyday I come out here on a daily basis here to see over 3,500 workers on site everyday here at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park it’s incredible,” said Jason Gannon, managing director, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

The five-year commitment to host the LA Bowl in Inglewood offers the community a unique opportunity for aspiring students and athletes to learn about university of which they may not have been familiar with.

“There is a positive impact on the community from a construction delivery perspective but then we were talking to the commissioners early about our vision when we turn the building on and bringing partners like the Mountain West and PAC 12 into the community, not only on game day but throughout the entire year and making a positive impact in the community in the local high schools and local community events that go on throughout the year. It’s so important and we understand that is a tremendous responsibility that we have to deliver on that and we work on everyday,” Gannon explained Inglewood Today.

PAC 12 Commissioner Larry Scott and Mountain West Conference Commissioner Craig Thompson echoed those sentiments as it relates to Inglewood.

“Look at our name Mountain West, so people are coming from Colorado, Idaho and Utah and it’s not as nice in some of those places temperature wise as it is in Inglewood in December. So this is going to be a great destination and people will be excited come, but all of the other activities in the great City of Inglewood here locally to be able to spend four or five days in the sun is going to be a great experience for everybody,” stated Thompson.

“I think this is going to be a real asset for the PAC 12 and our student/athletes and I think it’s going to be a real source of inspiration and aspiration for young people. You need to see it to be it and believe in it and I think the fact that in here in Inglewood we are going to have not just the best of the NFL, but you are going to see the best of college athletes as well and understand that thee are student/athletes and you can combine the best in academics in working towards your degree and realizing your dream,” elaborated Scott.


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