“What do you think about the recent ‘Celebration of Life’ Program that was televised on February 24th?”


Ali Bey “The program was moving, emotional and very well done. I was particularly impressed with Michael Jordan’s remarks and the tearful emotion he displayed while remembering his little ‘brother.’”

Oscar Rornay “I was very impressed with the program and disagree with many of the social media comments suggesting that the parents were disrespected by not being acknowledged.”

Derek Hanna “Kobe deserved the recognition because of his basketball prowess however he did very little for the black community. You don’t put the MAMBA symbol of a black snake in a white community like Orange County or Woodland Hills.”

Larry Sandford “I think the program was great and captured the feelings and emotions of Kobe and Laker fans from around the world. I especially liked Shaq’s candor and honesty.”


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