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The Power of Endorsements
Maxine Waters, Snoop Dogg & James E. Clyburn weigh-in
Candidates go all in for June 7 Primary

By Kenneth Miller, Publisher

You can expect to get enough Robo Calls to exhaust your data, excessive junk mail in both the actual mail box and your email, become bombarded with television commercials, billboards and oh yeah those darn lawn signs as we close in on the June 7 Primary.

Veteran Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is being challenged by Jean M. Monestine, the hotly contested Assembly District 61 figures to be the most intriguing between Lawndale Mayor Robert Pullen-Miles and local advocate Tina McKinnor, Gov. Gavin Newsom carries a war chest of $9.2 million in the governor race and Black woman Malia Cohen vies to become a historical choice for Controller.

McKinnor is being endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, but Pullen-Miles managed to wrestle away Waters exclusive endorsement after she initially allowed them to share.

The weight of Waters endorsement against that of the Los Angeles Times is a huge coop for Pullen-Miles who has not been able to shake the cash strapped McKinnor.

Speaking of endorsements have you been paying attention to the Los Angeles Mayor race?

It is an absolute mess between leading candidates from Congresswoman Karen Bass and businessman Rick Caruso.

Bass was essentially chosen by a powerful contingent of Black political stake holders to abandon her congressional seat in favor of prestigious Mayor post of the most populist city in America.

She dove in with heavy endorsements from the Democratic party elites such as South Carolina Congressman James E. Clyburn, who resonates in this region like a rapper does in rural Ohio.

Caruso countered with Snoop and then Sweet Alice Harris of Watts, who credited Caruso with doing everything from curing homelessness to poverty.

The candidacy and the money Caruso brought into the race has ignited his candidacy,  but divided Blacks and community stake holders as well. He is writing a lot of big checks, and no I didn’t accept one.

Caruso,63, is a Republican turncoat who is running as a Democrat.

Ironically for Bass, 68, it may be the endorsement that she didn’t secure that sinks her political career. Can you say Maxine Waters boys and girls?

Although he received backlash, Snoop defended his endorsement of the “pro-centrist” candidate, saying: “Look at what he stands for. Look at what he’s about. You got my support. We’re a part of whatever you’re a part of, as far as bringing love to the community and keeping people there that were a part of the community.”

Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de León, 55, is the youngest candidate and

is a political veteran. He’s a liberal Democrat in a political establishment that has shifted to the left in recent years, and he’s the Spanish-speaking son of immigrants in a city that’s roughly half Latino.

Caruso may not need the money, but it’s the power that he seeks, while other political aspirants are not just running to become the saving grace of the communities they represent, they want that high paying job that accompanies it. Novice Assembly members get in excess of $119,000 annually.


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