How do you have fun in a pandemic?


By Wendy Alexander, Travel Consultant

Summer is officially here and the world is still in a pandemic. So how do we have fun safely?

Road trips are #1 with most vacationers and are the safest. According to a recent study conducted by the Travel industry over 69% of people prefer to travel in their personal vehicle and visit outdoor parks, campgrounds and beaches with their family and close friends.

Traveling with your family and close friends limits contact with others and those family members are likely to be the same people you’ve quarantined with over the past three months. So why not hop in your car and take a drive up the beautiful coast, especially with gas prices at a low this year. Overall road trips can be less expensive and you can plan ahead and pack snacks for the road.

My family and I recently went on a road trip to Laughlin, NV and it was awesome, we rented jet skis and boats, camped near the lake and had a blast in the water while social distancing. I recommend this place for family fun..

Tips from AAA says to make sure you check your car tires and oil levels as well as pack extra cell phone chargers, flashlights, blankets and the first aid kit.

This summer road trip is different from before so make sure you plan ahead your rest stops and dining options and always remember to wash your hands, wear a mask in public places and use sanitizer at all times. Happy Driving! 


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