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Inglewood Voters to approve Measure I

IT News Wire

Measure I, the $240 million infrastructure bond project aimed at improved student safety, health, achievement and building improves and provided safe drinking water is trending towards approval.

The measure was winning with 80% of voters at Inglewood Today press time.

Official results will not be known for weeks.

The bond is projected to raise about $15 million per year through property taxes, meaning it would last 16 years, or as long as the bond is outstanding. Its goal, according to the school board’s resolution that placed the bond measure on the ballot, is to close the education gap between Inglewood students and those who attend schools in wealthier communities through more quality education.

Facilities’ needs are assessed to cost $422 million, Laura Crotty, vice president of Clifford Moss said during a board meeting where the measure was discussed. But the district chose the more feasible $240 million route, she said.

In a community poll administered over the summer by political strategy firm Clifford Moss, 84% of those surveyed said the district needs additional funding. Some surveyed also said they believe that upgrading Inglewood Unified campuses will directly increase property values in the city.

“I am excited to see that there does seem to be a lot of enthusiasm (in support of Measure I) amongst the persons in the community,” said Dionne Faulk, vice president of the school board during a July 29 meeting.


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