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The LA Clippers New Home:

The Intuit Dome

Intuit is a global financial technology platform that aims to empower people and communities to prosper. With 100 million customers worldwide using their products, Intuit believes that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed. The company is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to make this possible.

Intuit Dome is the future home of the LA Clippers, set to open in 2024. It aims to provide an innovative fan experience and bring unprecedented benefits to the local community. Intuit, a strategic partner of the LA Clippers, has secured the exclusive naming rights for Intuit Dome. Located in Inglewood, CA, Intuit Dome will offer technology-enabled fan experiences and contribute to economic prosperity in the surrounding communities. This partnership reflects the shared values of customer and fan obsession, innovation, and commitment to community service.

Intuit’s products, including TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, will be showcased through in-arena experiences throughout the year. Together with the Clippers, Intuit has already started developing and launching programs to revitalize the local economy and support businesses in the communities surrounding Intuit Dome.

Intuit Dome’s impact on the community includes the creation of 7,000 jobs during its construction, with 30% of those jobs going to Inglewood residents. Additionally, 30% of the enterprises employed by Intuit Dome will be underserved businesses. It is estimated that Intuit Dome will generate $260 million in annual economic activity in Inglewood.

Intuit’s commitment extends beyond Intuit Dome. The company is dedicated to driving long-term impact for its employees, customers, and the communities it serves. In the LA area, Intuit has implemented corporate responsibility programs focused on job readiness, financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills, and sustainability initiatives.

Through the Prosperity Hub School District Program, Intuit has invested $1 million in Los Angeles area schools and nonprofit organizations over the past two years. The program aims to prepare students for the real world by integrating job readiness programs into classrooms and providing them with financial and career skills. More than 20,000 students in the LA area have benefited from Intuit’s financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills programs. The company collaborates with school districts in Inglewood, Compton, and Los Angeles Unified, as well as nonprofit organizations like LA Promise Fund, Hidden Genius Project, and Social Justice Learning Institute.

Intuit has also organized events such as the Financial Literacy Forum, where middle and high school students receive hands-on and interactive financial literacy lessons. They have brought financial literacy education to high school students in partnership with the Suh Family Foundation, providing teachers with a curriculum and resources to enhance students’ financial foundation.

Intuit’s Social Innovation Challenge encourages students across North America to develop innovative solutions to solve problem prompts using design thinking. The challenge offers prizes ranging from swag to scholarships.

The company also provides teacher professional development through its Design for Delight methodology and training modules for QuickBooks, Mint, and TurboTax. These tools and technology are used in classrooms, and training sessions are conducted every July for education professionals. Intuit has brought these resources to Prosperity Hub School Districts across the LA metro area, including Inglewood.

Intuit believes in citizen engagement in tax preparation and filing as an empowering opportunity for Americans to understand and improve their financial lives. They are committed to providing taxpayer assistance events free of charge for low-income families in the Intuit Dome area during tax season. They have partnered with organizations like Golden State Opportunity and the Foundation for California Community Colleges to bring these services to the community.

Upon the opening of Intuit Dome, the company plans to host educational events to support local entrepreneurs and small business owners. These events will provide networking opportunities and workshops on starting, building, and growing a small business. In the meantime, Intuit has already highlighted small business owners in Inglewood, showcasing their journeys and the impact they have on the city.

Intuit’s commitment to sustainability includes partnering with the LA Clippers and local nonprofit organizations to invest in initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support career development, create greener neighborhoods, and address issues like food security.


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