Let Our Children Go

By Michelle Lyons

In the United States of America, we have grown accustomed to separating children from their parents. Last year we spent millions of dollars advertising and campaigning to unite children at the border with their parents, but did you know that child custody cases have become more about money than a child’s wellbeing? Millions of children are separated from their parents right here in the USA. Too often the person who can afford the fancy attorneys gets sole custody of the children when the best interest of a child should always be joint custody, but too many parents are not thinking about the children’s wellbeing instead they are focused on a paycheck.

Did you know that Children Services known as DCFS is literally placing kids in foster care that would do much better with one or both of their parents? Its always in the best interest of the child to be with their biological parents unless there is molestation or excessive abuse. However, presently more than 70% of the cases in DCFS are based on hearsay. Can you imagine losing your child over a lie and the government mandating this? This needs to stop and unfortunately it is too common… Tupac said it best, the hate you give little infants messes up the World. When are we going to say enough is enough and put our children first?

I can go even deeper because our children are being human trafficked as well. The average age of a human trafficking victim in the United States of America is 12 years old. People sell their souls for money, so no wonder people are also selling children too.  If you are paying attention it is all incredibly sad, and to make matters worse the media gets into our children’s minds at such a young age, especially social media which causes low self-esteem and as a result child suicide has risen drastically. A child with low esteem is looking for love, but it is hard to find love when the Government has divided their heart. I say this to say, we as parents must speak up for the voiceless: against the self-hating media; against the courts that separate our children from their parents; and against the human traffickers…. LET OUR CHILDREN GO!


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