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Updated technology in parking meters will make downtown Inglewood parking safer and more convenient

The days of frantically rushing back to the parking lot from your favorite restaurant to feed the parking meter more quarters are now over for those who take advantage of the PayByPhone mobile app that the city of Inglewood has recently introduced to its parking meters.

The PayByPhone app will give users the luxury of paying their parking meter from their own mobile device, making it easier to keep track of time left on the meter– which will inevitably cut down on irksome parking tickets. The app will send an alert to the user’s phone when the parking meter time is low, giving them the option to add more time to the meter from the palm of their hand, without having to walk outside of the establishment.

Also, with the circulation of U.S. coins having been disrupted during the pandemic, sometimes it is simply a nuisance to find quarters to feed a parking meter. The app makes credit card payments easy by keeping the user’s payment information saved on file for future payments.

Using a personal mobile device for meter payments also ensures a contactless payment. And as Los Angelenos are re-entering a sense of normalcy when it comes to leisurely outings and restaurant visits, continuing to make sanitary decisions is critical.

The PayByPhone app is completely free to download on your smart phone mobile device from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store for Android users.


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