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Is Coronavirus making you crazy? You are not alone.

According to We Are Agenda, “Mental illness amongst women is on the rise.  One in five women experience a common mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression compared to one in eight men.”

Ronisha “Ronnett” Hayden, a Peer Specialist certified through Loyola Marymount University and her partner Aumahn Washington, a student at CAL State Long Beach, created Womb Stories. Womb Stories is a safe space that focuses on helping women heal themselves from traumatic past by coaching them with energy healing.

Hayden believes if the psyche can return to the womb then one can be reborn.

Since 2014 Hayden has been coaching women to improve mental health by energy shifting.

Energy shifting also known as energy medicine “a branch of alternative medicine based on pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results”.

For the past six years, each month Womb Stories host pop-ups and group counseling sessions where women gather to share their trauma, triumphs, and help each other overcome pain.

“Group counseling is the best therapy. We facilitate big groups and small breakout groups with interactive discussion and creative activities that aid in self-healing. Women can overcome their struggles with depression and anxiety when they know they are not alone”, says Washington.

In March 2020, Hayden was featured on Ted X: Compton Blvd Women’s Empowerment Edition. Hayden spoke about the journey from “Womb to Worthy”. This is a series in Womb Stories where their clients discuss their journey from the womb to feeling worthy.

Hayden believes that a woman’s lack of worthiness is the cancer of society. She says, “The hardest part for most women is pinpointing when they started devaluing themselves. Scientific research even shows evidence that many of our behavioral patterns started in the Womb. We help women tap into their wombs with meditation, reiki, and emotional tools that have been tested and proven to change their narrative; leading them to a life of vitality and self-love”.

Prior to Covid-19, Womb Stories had a constant flow of clients since its inception. However, since Covid-19, their clients have doubled and are about to triple.

Coincidentally, Hayden did Ted X when Covid-19 first began so that helped promote the company, but Hayden believes the increase of depression is what is driving her business expansion.

“Covid-19 has caused everyone to isolate. Which means everyone must deal with themselves. A lot of people are struggling with depression right now. The good thing is, we each can build a healthier relationship with ourselves. If you are always on the go it is easy to run from your issues. When you are still, you are forced to face your shadow side. The part of you that needs love and attention for you to release, grow, and heal,” says Hayden.

 At Womb Stories, everyone is held accountable to their wellness goals and guided through the process. Because Covid-19 is not making people depressed, it’s revealing depression that’s been suppressed.

Fortunately, Womb Stories transitioned online to a Zoom platform at the beginning of Covid-19. “Ironically, everything just fell right into place. I had known for years we were missing out on revenue because so many of our clients work and were missing our workshops, so I had already planned to launch online after my Ted X. Everything just lined up. Now, we have doubled our clientele, and after Covid we will have both options, in person or on Zoom,” says Hayden.

To Schedule a counseling session with Womb Stories go to or call Ronnett Hayden at 310-654-7678.


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